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What Will You Need?
Tax Organizer: This can be obtained from our office by calling (570) 585-8389
Copy of Last Year's Tax Return
Estimated Tax Payments Made 
Dependents' Names, Years of Birth, and SSNs
W-2 Form(s) for Wages, Salaries, and Tips
Interest Income Statements: Form 1099-INT 
Dividend Income Statements: Form 1099-DIV
Sales of Stock, Land, etc.: Form 1099-B
Sales of Real Estate: Form 1099-S
State Tax Refunds: Form 1099-G
Alimony Received or Paid
Unemployment Compensation Received
Miscellaneous Income: Form 1099-MISC
Retirement Income: Form 1099-R
Social Security Income: Form SSA-1099
Business Income and Expenses 
Rental Income and Expenses
K-1 Income: Partnerships, Trusts, and S-Corps
Miles Traveled for Business Purposes
Medical Expenses 
Home Mortgage Interest from Form 1098
Real Estate Taxes Paid
Cash Contributions to Charities
Non-Cash Contributions to Charities
Student Loan Interest Paid
Unreimbursed Business Expenses
​Child Care Expenses for Each Dependent
Investment Expenses
IRA Contributions Made

This list will assist you in gathering all of the the important records and tax documents that we will need in order to prepare your Federal and State Income Tax Return. This list is just a guide and certainly does not cover everything. If you are unsure whether or not something may be tax-related, please feel free to send it along to us and we will make that determination for you as we prepare your tax returns.